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 작성자  관리자
 작성일  2021-10-25
 제 목  뉴질랜드 비시민권자 입국시 백신 접종 필수 (11/1일부터)

기업의 성공과 함께하는 예카비즈입니다.

2021년 11월 1일부터 뉴질랜드 시민이 아닌 경우, 탑승 전 COVID-19 백신 접종을 완료해야 됩니다.
더 자세한 정보 확인은 Unite Against Covid-19(클릭) 에서 확인하여 주십시오.



Vaccinations required for non-New Zealand citizens
You will need to declare you have been vaccinated when you book your place in managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ)

You need to be fully vaccinated. This means you need to have had a full course of any of the COVID-19 vaccines that have been approved by a government or approval authority. You need to have had the last dose at least 14 days before you arrive in New Zealand.

You do not need evidence of a vaccination if you:

  • are a New Zealand citizen — New Zealand permanent residents and temporary visa holders are not New Zealand citizens
  • are aged under 17 years, or
  • cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons.

We will provide more information soon about acceptable evidence of your vaccination or medical exemption. 

Even if you are vaccinated, you still need to have a negative pre-departure test result and spend 14 days in MIQ — unless you are exempt.



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